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What are the advantages of MIRROR CLEARER to other solutions?
  • easier and quicker than using a towel or your hand

  • you can immediately use your hair dryer for actually drying your hair – not the mirror

  • more energy efficient and less expensive than any heating mirror

  • no chemical sprays or other household remedies necessary which need to be applied on a regular basis

Does MIRROR CLEARER stay attached to the mirror for a long time?

Due to the lightweight design and the use of ABS plastic MIRROR CLEARER is very light. The suction cup used is a high quality brand Made in Germany to ensure a strong and reliable support.

Does work MIRROR CLEARER work on any mirror?

Ideally your mirror should be at least 40 x 40cm (16 x 16 inches) to use the entire length of the wiper. The shape of the mirror does not matter.

How well does MIRROR CLEARER wipe?

The silicone lip was designed with the ideal degree of hardness to guarentee a streak-free wipe wihout having to apply any pressure.

How durable is the MIRROR CLEARER?

MIRROR CLEARER has been developed as a long-lasting design product. Our routine quality checks guarantee a high quality.

I've seen the same product from a different manufacturer. Which one is the original?

Ours is the original product and was awarded the prestigious iF Concept Award for outstanding design quality. Since then, it is protected by international copyright and patent law.